Business with Fairness
and Transparency

Hanwha e-ssential is growing into a leading company in the 21st century through ethical management.

Ethical Management

Hanwha e-ssential

knows that ethics can positively impact stakeholder value, and we hold our employees to a high standard with a strict code of conduct. In 2003, we enacted an ethics charter and action guidelines and promoted strict compliance. The charter focuses on creating value for our clients and partners and protecting employee rights, with a complete set of guidelines designed to steer employees away from using their work and position to commit unlawful acts.


Chairman CEO
Members : Department Heads
Practicing Member :
Each Team Leader

Organization Structure

  • Hanwha e-ssential shall establish and operate ethical management committees in order to abide by the Code of Ethics and promote ethical business activities.
  • The committee shall consist of the CEO as the head, the head of the domestic business division of automotive materials, the head of the overseas division, the domestic sales executive officer, the production technology executive officer, the solar materials business head, the strategic planning department head, and the support division head.
  • The director of the Ethics Management Practice Office shall act as the administrator of the committee.
  • The head of each team of the headquarters and business sites shall act as members of the ethical management practice committee.

Roles and Operations

Role of Ethics Management Committee
  • Determine policy of business ethics
  • Enactment/amendment of the Ethics Charter
  • Enactment/amendment of the employee guidelines
  • Supervise and manage employee compliance
Role of Ethics Management Practice Office
  • Organize the committee
  • Maintain and improve the ethical management operating system
  • Oversee the employee compliance with the ethics charter and action guidelines
  • Punishment in case of violation
  • Evaluation and monitoring of ethical management performance
  • The Ethics Management Committee shall be held once a quarter, but it may be convened at any time when it is judged to be necessary by the chairperson, committee members, or promotion office.

Ethics Charter

Hanwha e-ssential aims to share its achievements and values with
‘customers, employees, partners and shareholders’ through ethical management by growing into a leading company in the 21st century.

  • Creating value for our clients
  • Creating values for our partners
  • Protecting employee rights
  • Desired attitude of employees
  • Creating values for the country and society

Ethical Behavior Guidelines

Hanwha e-ssentiahas established ethical behavior guidelines for the implementation of the Ethics Charter.

  • Prohibition of accepting economic benefits
  • Duty of good faith
  • Fair trade compliance

Written Oath

All employees at Hanwha e-ssential have enacted the Code of Ethics in order to achieve a society in which companies, customers, and partners grow together based on the business philosophy of ‘trust and respect innovation’ and Hanwha’s ‘credibility and loyalty,’ and swear to observe it as follows.

  • One! We always respect the opinions of customers and strive to be a trusted company by our customers based on credibility and loyalty.
  • Two! We adhere to all laws and regulations in all applicable regions where business activities are conducted, respect commercial practices, and pursue fair competition.
  • Three! We maintain mutual trust and cooperation and pursue development through transparent and fair transactions with our partners.
  • Four! We do not take any unfair actions against our partners using our superior position and receive money, entertainment, hospitality, or convenience from our partners.
  • Five! We strive to develop environmentally-friendly products and services, and prevent accidents through thorough safety checks and management.
  • Six! We contribute to social development by carrying out corporate social responsibility.

Voice of The Customer

The Ethical Management Practice Office is responsible for leading and conducting ethical management of Hanwha e-ssential, and will conduct various business ethics-related tasks to enhance our practical, not superficial, corporate competitiveness. The Ethical Management Practice Office is carrying out various duties to conduct business ethics such as auditing to prevent and manage various kinds of unethical conduct, business ethics education, and system establishment. Whenever you tell us about wrong practices and improvements/suggestions in terms of business ethics, we will reflect them in our management as much as possible.

Office of Ethics
and Management

  • Address 3F Hanwha e-ssential Management Planning Team,147, Gosokcheol-daero, Baebang-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korean
  • Fax 041-622-9006
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