Hanwha e-ssential practices a fair and transparent
personnel system that grows together.

Position System

  • CL1 Pro
  • CL2 Pro
  • CL3 Pro
  • CL4 Pro
  • Officer
  • CEO

Personnel System based on Job and Performance

  • We motivate employees to enhance their expertise with compensation and evaluation system considering job value and role.
  • Hanwha e-ssential is laying the foundation for global talent management by rationally evaluating based on performance and providing educational opportunities.
  • We provide the ‘fast-track’ promotion opportunity to talented individuals who have demonstrated their achievements and capabilities by moving away from the framework of a seniority system, building a corporate culture that regards young and talented individuals as important.


The evaluation system of Hanwha e-ssential is based on fairness and objectivity, and encourages continuous improvement and mutual growth by inducing organizational performance and employee growth.

The evaluation system consists of achievement evaluation.
  • Achievement Evaluation: Evaluation of the results of the employees' performance
  • Fairness Objectivity
  • Mutual Growth of
    Employees and Company

Reward System

Performance-based Compensation System
  • Hanwha e-ssentialoffers differentiated rewards based on the performance of employees and organization.
  • We build an organizational culture that is evaluated based on job performance through reasonable and fair evaluation.
Incentive System based on Business Performance
  • By operating an incentive system based on the company's business performance, we strive to increase the work commitment and share the achievements of the organization so that the company and its members can grow together.
  • Basic Salary Basic Salary and regular
    bonuses Position and
    duty allowance
  • Incentives Differential payment
    according to business performance and individual