Hanwha e-ssential thinks of employees as family
and is committed to improving the quality of life and welfare of our employees.

In-house activities
  • Commuter bus support
  • Workwear support
  • Worker's Day off
  • Workshop Activities
Vacation and self-improvement
  • Flexible work system
  • Sabbatical month system
  • Certification support
  • Vacation and reward for long-term employees(10/20/30 years)
  • In-house language course & foreign language study expenses support
  • Special paid vacation
Leisure and health
  • Welfare point payment (optional benefits)
  • Group company discount (galleria, resort, etc.)
  • Children tuition support
  • Telecommunication expenses support
  • Support for expenses for holiday-ancestral rites / congratulations and condolences / vacations
  • Medical expenses support
  • Regular health checkups
  • Mortgage loan
  • Housing and dormitory for employees at plants*Support for Housing Stability Funds for Unavailable Temporary Solo Assignees.
  • Residential stabilization expenses support
  • Job transfer expenses support
Maternity protection
  • Mom`s Package (congratulatory gift)
  • Guaranteed time for pregnancy checkups and vacation for miscarriage/stillbirth
  • Guaranteed Breastfeeding Time
  • Select working hours for childcare