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It is Hanwha People who are making dreams come true in various fields.

Development _ Product Development

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction We conduct tasks related to identifying and commercializing pre-existing technologies in order to secure a competitive advantage and sustainability in the electronic materials industry. This includes the exploration and categorization of prerequisite technologies, as well as evaluating and reviewing their commercial viability. In addition to the existing product lineup, we select and develop high-value, high-performance, and differentiated items for entry into new markets. By capturing key materials for next-generation electronic industries such as the semiconductor industry and high-speed communication market, we continuously strive to secure future growth drivers through our development efforts.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Polymer Science, or related engineering disciplines
    • Degree : Bachelor's degree or higher (Master's degree preferred)
    • Knowledge : Knowledge of composite materials and polymers, quality-related knowledge
    • Skill : Technical expertise and development capabilities in mobile/display/semiconductor core materials and components.
  • Career Path and Development Direction By enhancing understanding of products and new product development across various industries, and contributing to product improvement and the development of specialized products at a global quality level, growth opportunities exist as a researcher, developer/business planner, and manager. Furthermore, through experience in item exploration, research and development, cost analysis, lab/pilot development, outsourcing partner selection, and process stabilization, there are possibilities for growth into executive positions.

Development _ Business Development

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The business development role involves continuously monitoring market trends in areas such as semiconductors, electronic materials, and displays, and identifying new business opportunities. The job includes conducting various tasks to design a business model for the identified new ventures, evaluating revenue structures, cost structures, and feasibility to promote the company's medium to long-term growth and sustainable revenue generation.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : No specific major required
    • Degree : Bachelor's degree or higher
    • Preferred qualifications
      1)Experience in developing strategies and consulting related to the semiconductor/mobile/display industries
      2)Experience in driving new business initiatives and possessing project leadership capabilities
  • Career Path and Development Direction In the business development role, you can acquire specialized knowledge of the industry, develop skills in market research, idea generation and evaluation, and business model development. With this experience and knowledge as a foundation, you can grow into roles such as M&A specialist or business strategy expert. Furthermore, through managing multiple projects, you can enhance your leadership capabilities, which can lead to growth as a project leader in new business development or as a member of the management team.

Manufacturing _ Production Control

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction Production control is the task of managing production and processes in optimum condition while complying with domestic and foreign laws and regulations on environmental safety, producing products that meet the quality standards set for each product according to the production plan of each product. In order to achieve the company's goals and continuously improve, Production Control improves productivity and efficiency, and improve and develop products. The Production Control also perform various tasks, such as management of production and manufacturing cost, process improvement, plant expansion project, quality control, environmental safety management, and application of new technology. In order to improve the process, the Production Control also realizes cost reduction, productivity improvement, and work safety through facility investment and process changes such as facility introduction and replacement. It also establishes and executes the annual plan (manufacturing cost and budget, facility investment plan, production plan, etc.), and performs the labor management of factory operators.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Understanding of majoring subjects (organic chemistry, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, process control, factory design, etc.)
    • Skill : Problem-solving, leadership and tolerance, interpersonal and conflict management, communication skills, certification in chemical industry (chemical engineering), working experience in a chemical factory, language ability
  • Career Path and Development Direction Based on the overall understanding of the business related to the items and the demand of the customer and the business, it is possible to understand the operating system related to the production and shipment and to develop the ability to predict the overall business related to the product and to manage the production status. You will also work as a manager to manage production lines and items in the team, and grow as a production team manager to manage the entire production team. It is also possible to move on to become a plant manager in charge of the plant and a business manager in charge of the top decision-making processes of the business division.

Manufacturing _ Quality Control

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The Quality Control ensures the quality of our products for customer satisfaction and establishes the annual plans based on the quality system. The Quality Control makes efforts to produce the best products in the world by analyzing the quality and deriving the improvement matters using various test equipment. In addition, the Quality Control improves the quality-related problems that are found through internal/external diagnosis and works to obtain external organizations’ certifications related to the quality system. The Quality Control also carries out various activities to improve the quality grade of our suppliers beyond the level of our own
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Any
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Basic knowledge of chemical and industrial engineering, analytical techniques, quality management system
    • Skill : Skills in using analytical equipment
  • Career Path and Development Direction You will perform various tasks through quality-related work, giving yourself the opportunity to broaden your business scope. You can receive internationally-accredited quality specialist training to become certified as a specialist. With product analysis experience, you can work effectively in the technical sales and production management fields.

Manufacturing _ Plant-related Affairs (Maintenance/E&I)

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction - Predictive maintenance work and facility maintenance to ensure that the various production facilities in the workplace operate at optimal conditions - (Maintenance) Management of all the production and utility facilities needed for the operation of production lines - (Maintenance) Support various maintenance and repair work such as layout of production line and remodeling of building - (E&I) Maintain and improve facilities to stabilize power supply in the plants
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Mechanical/Architecture (Equipment), Electricity/Electronics (E&I)
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Understanding of the courses in his/her major (material mechanics, mechanical design, electronic circuit, power engineering, etc.), CAD utilization ability (understanding of facility map, etc.)
    • Skill : Certifications in related field (requisite for statutory factory management personnel in the E&I part/electrician, mechanical engineer, etc.), problem-solving and decision-making ability, communication ability
  • Career Path and Development Direction You will improve technical competence through relevant knowledge in your majors as well as systematic learning such as internal and external technical education, and you can grow as a mechanical device and instrument/electric engineer by specializing your own skills in manufacturing field. Design and verification of plant facilities, construction supervision, facility maintenance, and facility improvement work can be performed, which can strengthen your comprehensive engineering capacity in the public sector. You will systematically acquire project-practical skills that are required in stages in facilities and factory expansion, to develop your career path as a public official of plants in the future.

Manufacturing _ Environment / Safety / Health

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction Environmental safety is largely divided into the environment, safety and health management. In order to maintain a sustainable environment-friendly plant, the Environment officer complies with environmental laws and regulations and act to prevent pollution. The Safety officer prevents all risks in the workplace, complies with safety regulations, and conducts accident prevention activities. The Health officer contributes to the creation of a pleasant working environment by eliminating the health risks of employees in the workplace.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Related laws, production process
    • Skill : Certifications for related fields, strategy establishment ability, risk management ability, network management communication ability
  • Career Path and Development Direction By carrying out environment/safety duties, you can grow as a specialist in environment/safety/health at our headquarters and business sites. In addition, if you grow into a specialist in the field of environment/safety/health at the plants at the level of Hanwha e-ssential, the relevant government departments and external organizations can fully appreciate your capabilities. Furthermore, it is possible to cultivate strategic planning ability through establishment of a company-wide environment/safety/health strategy, and because it requires technical understanding of all the processes in the workplace during the course of the work, you will be given various opportunities for related tasks.

Manufacturing _ Product Development

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The major task of product development is to determine the part design plan by reflecting the requirements of the parts used in the final product (automobile) of the customers (domestic/foreign) and prepare for mass production accordingly. At this time, the product development division is involved in the entire parts-manufacturing processes (equipment setting - material - production method - mass production). Specifically, it includes preparation of process control plans, parts reliability tests, manufacturing process standard development, mold making, and analysis of measurement systems. It also conducts inspections and analyses continuously to ensure the quality of the parts and to prepare for audits.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Chemistry, Polymer, Advanced Materials, Machinery (Science and Engineering)
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or more (Master’s degree preferred)
    • Knowledge : Composite materials and plastic materials, product quality
    • Skill : Job-related skills, such as injection/welding/press/painting, development capability(understanding of development process)
  • Career Path and Development Direction Since this position is involved in a wide range of fields from production to sales of the automotive material business field, which is the core business of Hanwha e-ssential, it is possible to expand the scope of work to various fields in the future. In addition, you will be given an opportunity to experience short-term (6 months to 2 years) dispatch and long-term expatriate activities in order to carry out tasks related to overseas corporations, such as responding to the development of parts applicable to vehicles sold overseas. It is also possible to grow as a corporation head of overseas subsidiaries related to automotive materials or head of business sector based on basic knowledge about production process and product development.

Manufacturing _ 제품설계

  • 직무특성 및 소개 설계 직무 담당자는 당사 생산 제품의 고객사(국내/외 자동차사) 납품을 위해 신차 개발 계획단계에서의 역할을 수행합니다. 주요 업무는 신차 개발 계획에 맞추어 부품 개발 타당성을 검토하고 필요 기술 사양을 고객사와 협의하는 것이며, 주요 담당 Item은 자동차의 충돌성능 관련 Item(Bumper System, Front/End Carrier와 Seat Back, Under Cover)입니다. 해당 Item의 설계 및 충돌 해석을 통해 부품 설계를 확정하여 제품 개발에 해당하는 팀에서 양산을 준비할 수 있도록 하는 것이 설계 담당자의 최종 목적입니다. 제품설계 담당자는 당사에서 개발되는 다양한 복합소재를 통해 자동차 부품의 경량화 개발에 중추역할을 수행합니다. 따라서 부품의 설계 및 해석업무 외에도 관련 산업 전반에 걸친 신기술 트렌드를 지속적으로 파악하여 당사 부품의 새로운 Application(용도)을 발굴하거나 이를 위한 관련 선행기술 개발 업무도 수행하게 됩니다.
  • 필요역량 및 우대조건
    • 전공 : 기계공학, 기계설계, 자동차공학, 화학공학 등 이공계열
    • 학위 : 4년제 학사 이상(석사이상 우대)
    • Knowledge : 복합소재 및 플라스틱 소재 관련 지식
    • Skill : 설계/해석 Tool 사용능력(CATIA V5, UG, HYPER-WORKS, LS-DYNA, ABAQUS 등), 어학능력
  • Career Path 및 발전 방향 자동차소재설계팀 업무를 수행함으로서 소재개발에서부터 부품의 설계/해석, 성형, 시험평가에 이르는 다양한 엔지니어링 기반의 업무진행과 신규 프로젝트를 경험 함으로서 시스템 엔지니어의 능력과 기술 엔지니어(하드웨어/소프트웨어)를 모두 경험할 수 있습니다. 또한 개발단계에서 시행하는 각종 환경 및 운용, 성능시험 등을 경험함으로 시험분야에 대한 업무로의 확장도 가능합니다. 연구개발직군 내에서 연구개발역량을 심화 발전시켜 독자적 기술력을 보유한 전문개발인력 및 연구개발임원으로 경력경로를 설정할 수 있습니다. 뿐만 아니라, 연구개발능력을 기반으로 사업에 대한 이해와 사업관리능력을 확보하여 개발사업 전체를 관리/조정하는 사업Manager 및 임원으로의 경력경로를 설정 할 수 있습니다.

Sales _ Business Planning

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction - Responsible for leading the 'Business Department,' which is a business unit classified according to the application field of the product groups that we are producing - Plan and manage the entire range from the planning stage to the development and sales of products - Business plan for realizing business strategy and management plan - Analyze total revenue/profit of business division - Activities to solve various business issues and to achieve management goals through problem diagnosis in order to maximize sales/profitability of products in the market
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Science and Engineering (Chemistry), Business and Administration
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Understanding of business unit products and production, bond management and cost/accounting
    • Skill : Language ability, planning ability, data analysis ability, strategic thinking ability, smooth communication ability
  • Career Path and Development Direction You will cultivate a business mindset from a macro perspective through your experience at the business planning team, which is the business management department in the sales field. You can move to other departments such as planning, business development, domestic and international sales in the future. Moreover, you can build a foundation to take on positions higher than the director of business operations by leveraging your experience in overseeing and planning sales activities.

Sales _ Domestic Sales

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction Due to the nature of our business, which produces materials and parts using advanced technology, companies that produce top-end finished products account for most of our trading partners (B2B sales). Domestic sales representatives are generally conducting customer management for direct delivery companies (companies that produce/deliver semi-finished products to manufacturers that produce finished products) and other distribution channels. Based on a clear understanding of products, domestic sales representatives negotiate product prices and delivery terms with our customers, and focus on securing a competitive edge over competitors by establishing sales strategies based on changes in the market environment. In addition, we are promoting sales of newly developed products and establishing new company discovery strategies for continuous business growth.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Any (preferably Science and Engineering, such as Chemical Engineering, Polymer, Machinery, Materials, etc.)
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Basic knowledge of products, bonds and costs/accounting knowledge, marketing knowledge for establishing sales strategy
    • Skill : Language ability, smooth communication ability, negotiation skills, information gathering/analysis/processing ability, sociability, etc.
  • Career Path and Development Direction Sales is one of the foremost tasks of the business. By doing business at various points of contact (contractor/direct delivery/secondary supplier, etc.), it is possible to improve understanding of B2B sales market and develop customer response/management skills. In addition, you can expand your business scope through opening/expanding new business environments such as acquiring new customers. Furthermore, by building diverse human/technical networks in the material/item market, you can grow as a specialist in the field and contribute directly to the company's profits as sales manager.

Sales _ International Sales

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction International Sales manages overseas customers (manufacturers and distributors) who supply our materials and goods, and establish and execute sales strategies for the development of new markets. For existing customers, it will continue negotiating price terms and delivery terms to expand sales of our products, and concentrate on securing the competitiveness of our products in the market. In addition, based on the basic practical knowledge of foreign trade transactions, International Sales identifies practical issues in real-time and strives for smooth communication with customers. It also conducts consultations with overseas buyers through on-site business trips and continues to manage our clients around the world.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Science and Engineering (Chemistry), Business and Administration
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Basic knowledge of products, global market analysis knowledge, bond and cost/accounting knowledge, marketing knowledge for establishing sales strategy
    • Skill : English and local language skills (required), smooth communication skills, negotiation skills, information gathering/analysis/processing skills, insights about overseas markets, etc.
  • Career Path and Development Direction You will work on a global market basis, so you can develop insights with a global mindset and have a broader perspective. Furthermore, you can cultivate communication ability and business coordination ability by coordinating the cooperation between supplier/customer and our production management personnel.

Management / Support _ Planning

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The planning department provides mid- to long-term strategies and detailed implementation plans to propose direction, goals and vision for the company. In addition, the planning department organizes tasks for reaching consensus on business strategy with each business division, carries out detailed operational planning work for each business division, analyzes the performance of our management, checks our performance regularly, and coordinates the future strategic direction. In addition, it manages the company’s internal regulations, organizational structure/composition, budget and innovation activities.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Any
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Finance, accounting, statistics, and business unit product lines
    • Skill : Planning ability, analytical ability, logical/strategic thinking ability, management accounting knowledge, language ability (English, Chinese, etc.)
  • Career Path and Development Direction From sales to profits, you will understand the overall financial flow of the company, and secure a broad financial capability from a macro perspective. In addition, by analyzing and reporting on various businesses and issues of the company to help executives make decisions, you will cultivate a wide range of competencies related to statistics/analysis/judgment/decision making. The nature of the project, which requires the awareness of all the issues in the company, will provide the foundation for challenging various fields in the future, through which you can grow into a planning and finance executive.

Management / Support _ Accounting/Finance

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The accounting team conducts the settlement work of providing financial information to the users of financial information, such as management, in a timely manner. Taking charge of general accounting affairs, the accounting team analyzes the profit and loss of the company and compiles financial statements for each period. It also contributes to the profit and loss of the company by reviewing external audits related to the preparation of financial statements and managing various expenses. The finance team procures the necessary funds for the operation of the business and contributes to the maximization of the business performance through efficient operation of the financed funds. In addition, the finance team supports the financial business related to the recovery of debt and the payment of debts arising from business activities, and carries out risk management tasks such as exchange rate volatility caused by import and export transactions.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Business and Administration (Management, Economy, Accounting, etc.)
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Expert knowledge in accounting/tax, financial/managerial accounting, laws related to finance
    • Skill : Mathematical capability, analytical ability, related certification (CPA, tax accountant, CFA, foreign exchange manager, etc.), language ability (English, Chinese, etc.)
  • Career Path and Development Direction All business areas are tied to financial affairs, so financial officers have a sense of the flow of management from production to sales. Through collaboration with related departments such as planning/business planning, you can acquire the overall financial knowledge, and grow into an expert in establishing business strategy based on this knowledge. Through various financial activities, you can become a financial and accounting specialist. In the future, you can grow into CFO, which is the chief executive in the financial sector

Management / Support _ Human Resources

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction Duties of Human Resources Department can be classified into HRM (HR planning and management), HRD (development), recruitment, and labor management. The HRM Division establishes various personnel systems that can realize the vision of Hanwha e-ssential, and supports the accomplishment of management performance through fair evaluation and compensation. The HRD Division promotes various educational activities in line with management strategies such as training core talents, global education programs, and leadership training. The Recruitment Division focuses on securing talented people through establishing hiring strategies, recruiting employees, and securing various recruitment paths. The Labor Management Division focuses on securing communication channels between employees and companies, and plays a role in supporting win-win management between employees and management.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Any
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Relevant job knowledge, understanding employees and systems
    • Skill : Communication ability, problem-solving ability, planning ability, friendliness, sociability, related licenses (labor attorney)
  • Career Path and Development Direction As HR manages the workforce within the company, HR personnel can understand the major flow of the organization and the role of individuals in the organization, and they can contribute to the growth of the organization by nurturing talented individuals with competencies in line with business strategy. In addition, after growing as an HR specialist through insights and expertise in manpower management, you will gain the authority to participate directly or indirectly in the direction of the company's operations, by participating in decision-making processes, such as various HR systems, regulations, and policies. In Korea, you can grow as a senior manager through the path of the HR team leader-support department head.

Management / Support _ General Affairs

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The General Affairs Division oversees the overall management support activities required for the management of the company. In detail, it manages assets held by the company (real estate, movable property, etc.) and lease management, plans/executes organizational event for the activation of the organization, manages lease contracts for various assets, plans/operates programs for customer satisfaction, manages social contribution activities, operates welfare system, and manages general cooperative activities. The general affairs business performs various tasks based on excellent communication ability as it is necessary to achieve business goals through collaboration with employees in each division.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Any
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Real estate, legal knowledge (civil law/commercial law/tax law), social contribution
    • Skill : Communication ability, problem-solving ability, sociability, customer-oriented mindset, teamwork
  • Career Path and Development Direction The general affairs personnel have a lot of contacts with internal and external customers, have a lot of duties such as events/ceremonies and asset management, and have the ability to grow into a generalist who can be assigned to any job, rather than a specialist for a specific job. However, if you have basic knowledge and experience with real estate management and accounting, you can also grow as an asset management expert. It has the advantage of forming a network with various people from both inside and outside the company, and thus it is easy to acquire information on social and economic changes through exchanges with related organizations through the execution of official affairs. Based on this, you will provide information necessary for important decision-making of the company and support management activities. Those who have experience in general affairs can be converted into jobs, such as marketing, public relations, sales activities, etc., and can grow into general managers and administrative managers.

Management / Support _ Purchasing

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The purchasing business is responsible for identifying and selecting new suppliers, negotiating, fixing prices and determining purchase conditions. The Purchasing Division’s duties can be classified into purchasing equipment and purchasing raw subsidiary materials. First, purchasing the equipment is the task of purchasing the necessary equipment in all the business sites. The Purchasing Division is in charge of procurement of all kinds of tangible assets required for production, from machinery and parts of each kind to project contracts for constructing new production facilities. And purchasing raw subsidiary materials is the task of purchasing the raw materials necessary for the production of our products. Purchasing is an important task that directly affects the profit and loss of the company. Therefore, it is important to collect information related to purchasing through overseas business sites and production lines, and identify trends to reflect on the decision-making processes to make efficient purchases.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Any (One can contribute to job performance by using bargaining power/communication skills in the case of a Liberal Arts major, and understanding production process and raw materials in the case of a Science and Engineering major.)
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Accounting, raw/subsidiary materials and equipment
    • Skill : Negotiation/bargaining power, problem-solving ability, information gathering ability, decision-making ability
  • Career Path and Development Direction The purchasing manager has a great opportunity to understand the business connection between the departments through project work such as developing the company's major products and adding new factories. Since you will be involved with new materials from the beginning of the product project and know the overall flow, it will be possible in the future to switch from the business stabilization and mass production level to the management and sales departments, and it will be possible to cultivate basic competencies to play a role as a manager.

Management / Support _ Logistics

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction The Logistics Team performs tasks such as delivery/quality/payment/warehouse/inventory management. The team supports with all raw materials and facilities needed to carry out business without interruption in a timely manner at a minimum cost to support stable production of the products. In addition, it maintains the finished products at the best quality and delivers them to domestic/overseas customers, practicing customer satisfaction and raising the utility value of the products. In conjunction with the sales department, it reflects the annual sales plan and domestic/overseas order volume, establishes annual logistics operation plan, and computerizes and standardizes logistics information to build optimized logistics process.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Any
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Trade business, accounting
    • Skill : Strategic thinking, risk management ability, communication ability, information gathering power
  • Career Path and Development Direction By specializing in the logistics management of Hanwha e-ssential, you can become a logistics management expert. Due to the nature of this position, you can develop human networks and acquire wide knowledge and experience through collaboration with internal and external members. Because it carries out trade business, there are many foreign exchanges such as import customs clearance and acquisition of trade-related English communication skills, with which you can grow into a trade expert. In addition, you will be able to switch to other departments such as sales and purchasing in the future by knowing the overall flow of company management.

Management / Support _ Legal/Patent

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction In legal affairs, we participate in various activities related to the legal activities of the company such as bond management, new investment, M&A, and credit collection with our clients, providing legal advice such as creating major business contracts and risk management to create value for the corporation. We also provide reasonable and efficient solutions when a dispute arises regarding company assets and employees. In the patent business, we check the infringement of intellectual property rights in relation to new items in progress in our research institute, development and sales organization, and remove the risk in advance. And we prevent future potential technical infringements by registering intellectual property rights for products/technologies under development or in development. We also provide reasonable and efficient solutions for legal disputes related to various intellectual property rights.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Law, Public Administration
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : General knowledge of the law (civil law, commercial law, fair trade law, etc.)
    • Skill : Problem-solving ability, information gathering ability, analytical ability, risk management ability
  • Career Path and Development Direction You can become a negotiation expert through numerous negotiation experiences that can be gained from the process of solving various legal problems. If you are a patent officer, you will be able to view the company's vision and future strategy as it will cover information about the proactive technologies that we are developing. By participating as a core competent person in the contract review phase, which is essential at the beginning of every business, you can acquire the information and know-how of various projects in progress. By managing the information on the business performance of each division through bond management tasks, you will improve the understanding of the company's business situation from a macro perspective. Through the experience listed above, you can develop your basic competency to perform the assigned tasks effectively when you experience other tasks in the future or grow into a position of managerial personnel.

Management / Support _ Public Relations

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction In order to increase the brand image and corporate value that we pursue, the Public Relations communicates with customers through the media and substantially contributes to the business. Based on an understanding of the overall business, Public Relations will set up a public relations strategy, publish it through the media, and discover various ways to maximize promotion effects. Public Relations maintains diverse contacts and relationships through periodic meetings to maximize press coverage.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Journalism and Broadcasting, Advertising Creation, Business
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Brand management and establishment of communication strategy
    • Skill : Communication skills, creativity in writing, ability to quickly respond, creativity
  • Career Path and Development Direction Based on the understanding of the business as a whole, you can grow into an expert in public relations. You can cultivate the planning and execution skills based on professional communication capabilities and a broad understanding of public relations. You will have the opportunity to network with experts in the media and other fields, and you can grow into a global communication expert in the field of cutting-edge materials that go all over the world. In addition, information and knowledge acquired in the process of grasping the corporate environment, customers and market trends from time to time enables future expansion to other tasks.

Management / Support _ Information Planning

  • Job Characteristics and Introduction In Information Planning, we establish and execute IT strategies in accordance with the company’s strategy. Furthermore, Information Planning is responsible for the operation/planning of ERP systems and management information systems within the company. It establishes mid- to long-term information strategy and conducts duties related to investment/budget and system’s introduction/establishment. We also work to protect information related to corporate document security systems and various personal information. It is responsible for the operation of ERP system, authority management and website operation, and supports various information systems.
  • Required Competency and Preferential Condition
    • Major : Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, etc.
    • Degree : 4 years (bachelor) or higher
    • Knowledge : Basic knowledge of IT technology (network, ERP, development language, security, etc.), troubleshooting related knowledge for software and hardware used within the company
    • Skill : Computer operation ability, problem-solving ability, certifications in related fields
  • Career Path and Development Direction The Information Planning Team meets and designs all the processes of the company and can define and apply the IT requirements to achieve the management strategy. Accordingly, the team is responsible for the construction and operation of IT infrastructure throughout the company. If you acquire certifications in the relevant fields and cultivate professionalism, you can also carry out high-level tasks such as developing proactive technologies and systems as a specialist in IT operations and information planning.