Display Business Division’s FMM is a metal sheet used to deposit sub-pixels that emit 3 types of light, RED/GREEN/BLUE, in the OLED display manufacturing process, and is key for the OLED displays technology.

  • A high-resolution realization of display
  • High degree of freedom in display design
  • Excellent in evaporation properties of organic materials
  • Excellent chemical resistance and material properties
  • High degree of freedom in FMM design
  • Maximization of the FMM’s opening ratio
  • Excellent uniformity in appearance

Form and Function of the Material

The FMM is a thin metal sheet with tiny openings which induce organic materials, which are the OLED emitters, to be deposited at designated areas on the substrate during the OLED panel manufacturing.

소재 형태
  • Form of materials
    • Numerous high-precision/high-fine holes are distributed on the surface of the FMM to ensure that RGB organic materials can pass through.
소재 역할
  • Function of materials
    • The FMM is used to ensure that red (RED), green (GREEN), and blue (BLUE) organic materials can be deposited at designated areas on the substrate.


디스플레이소재의 특장점을 항목에 따라 에칭방식, 전주 도금 방식(한화이센셜), 비고로 나누어 설명합니다.
Items Hanwha e-ssential FMM Remarks
Stick thickness Ultra slim thickness of less than 10um can be secured
(Available for a high resolution of over 1,000ppi)
The thinner the stick, the higher the resolution.
Opening shape
Easy to implement polygons with patterning technology
Maximization of opening ratio by forming accurate polygonal patterns: advantage for Lifetime, efficiency of OLED display
Taper shape
No step height occurs by patterning technology
There is No step-height, and hence, the designated entire areas can be effectively deposited.

Fields of Application for Electronic Products

The FMM is attracting attention as key materials for manufacturing the high-end, small and medium-sized OLED displays such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and the wearable displays which require high resolutions.

Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Phone
Tablet & Note PC
  • Tablet & Note PC
Display for Automotive
  • Display for Automotive
Wearable Device
  • Wearable Device