Business Coexisting
with the Environment

We are designing our facilities to be both accident-free and eco-friendly, following strict corporate standards and prevention systems.


Yes! Health, Environment & Safety. The letters are set against the backdrop of a green forest symbolizing sustainability & social responsibility.

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Safety


  • In 1991, we announced our new policy ECO YHES and became the first corporation in Korea to implement a policy on comprehensive safety, health and the environment. And to fulfill our social responsibilities and at the same time, achieve sustainability, Hanwha e-ssential has adopted a management practice that protects the environment and human health.


  • Contribute to the sustainable future society by achieving sustainable development and fulling our social responsibilities, through mature HES activities.

Environmental Safety Management System

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  • 환경안전 경영시스템 관련 이미지
  • 환경안전 경영시스템 관련 이미지

Environment · Safety ·
Health Management

  • All the plants of Hanwha e-ssential have obtained environmental management system and safety and health management system certification. We have been carrying out environmental conservation activities for the local community and environmental improvement activities at its workplaces. We are also working to prevent safety accidents for employees.

Environmental Safety
Work Permit System

  • We are preventing accidents through work permit system regarding all constructions or works that pose a risk of environmental pollution or safety accidents by having them reviewed and approved by the person in charge in advance.

Environmental Safety

  • In addition to frequent inspections carried out at the workplace, environmental safety experts of the company conduct inspections once a year and make improvements to the missing inspections that were found. In addition, large-scale construction and projects are always reviewed by environmental safety experts to ensure that environmental safety-related problems do not occur.


  • Considering all possible situations, we have a response system in case of pollutant discharge and fire accident. The Sejong plant has a chemical fire engine that conducts regular firefighting drills to prepare and understand scenarios for anticipated emergencies.

Environmental preservation activities

  • One Company for One River Campaign
    1사 1하천 운동 관련 이미지
    One Company for One River Campaign

    In cooperation with local environmental groups, we are continuously carrying out activities to clean up nearby rivers.We are participating in making rivers cleaner by throwing earth balls made of microorganisms that purify water quality and removing harmful plants.

  • Ecology Experience Activities
    환경생태체험 활동 관련 이미지
    Ecology Experience Activities

    We support natural ecology experience activities to help elementary school students near our business sites realize the importance of nature and preserve the natural ecosystem.

  • Clean-up Day Event
    사업장 청결의 날 행사 관련 이미지
    Clean-up Day Event

    We are creating clean workplaces through periodic cleaning activities both inside and outside the worksite, cleaning roads inside and outside the workplace, removing leaves and foreign matter in manholes, removing weeds from roadside and cleaning leaves.


Environment / Safety / Health Policy

Hanwha e-ssentials Co., Ltd.recognizes safety, health, and environmental issues as inherent values in corporate management in order to fulfill continuous corporate development and social responsibilities. We strive in the following ways :

  1. 1. We consider safety, health, and environment as the primary objectives of management, eliminating risk factors and minimizing risks.
  2. 2. We build a safety culture with the participation of all employees and workers and strive to create a safe working environment.
  3. 3. We voluntarily comply with laws and regulations and promote continuous improvement activities.
  4. 4. We minimize the emission of pollutants and contribute to the preservation of the global environment through the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Environment and Safety Guidelines

Compliance with Legal Standards

We rigorously comply with all related regulations from national and local governments concerning the environment, safety, and health. We also set stricter internal standards and adhere to them. We take proactive, preventive efforts regarding various regulations being discussed internationally, voluntarily fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

Establishing a Line Responsibility System

All regulations pertaining to environment, safety, and health must be strictly followed. Primary responsibility lies with the individual, while managerial responsibility lies with the respective management structure. Therefore, managers need to clarify their roles and responsibilities by refining their organization and operational systems. The related performance is reflected in the organizational and individual achievements based on objective assessment methods and standards.

Constructing an Emergency Response System

Clear procedures must be set to prepare for all possible environmental, safety, and health incidents and emergencies. Through continuous and regular emergency drills, we minimize the impact of emergencies and actively cooperate with local communities to create a pleasant and safe community.

Building an Environmental Management System

We move away from the primary perspective of simple cost burdens and regulatory responses to environmental problems. We build an environmental management system that considers environmental aspects across all aspects of corporate management. We establish and operate systematic and effective audit procedures to strive for improvement.

Producing Environmentally Friendly Products and Services

We review the environmental impact of all management activities in advance, such as development, design, purchase, production, sales, usage, and disposal. We provide environmentally friendly products and services that specifically consider potential issues and countermeasures.

Preservation of Global Environment and Pollution Prevention

We minimize the emission of pollutants by reducing and effectively handling pollutants that occur during all business activities.

Management of Resources and Energy at the Source

We assess the appropriateness of all physical resources used during all business activities, practice recovery, reuse, and recycling, and strive to use and conserve energy efficiently.

Eradication of Major Disasters

Accidents involving loss of life and property damage must be reported regardless of scale, and measures to analyze causes and prevent recurrences must be implemented. Potential hazards of accidents are also thoroughly managed to prevent significant disasters.

Enhancing Preventive Safety Activities

All hazards in the workplace must be identified and evaluated in advance through regular inspections and related education. These elements must be eliminated or safety facilities supplemented to prevent any human and material damage.

Safety Level of Partner Companies

We distribute a safety management system of the same level as ours to partner companies, guide and support them, and maintain a mutually cooperative relationship for safety enhancement. We build a safety management system for partner companies that can be operated appropriately and effectively according to industry and size.

Securing Safety of Products and Services

We need to build a system that can ensure the safety and health of customers and the community using our products and services. We continuously research and develop to improve safety.

Maintaining a Pleasant Working Environment

We implement continuous improvements and systematic health management for each worker to create a healthy and efficient working environment.

Prevention of Occupational Diseases

A reasonable management system must be established to prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases related to work, and workers must actively participate. In cases where a work-related disaster occurs or the occurrence of an occupational disease is anticipated, the tasks assigned to the worker should be adjusted and this must be operated in a reasonable manner.

Implementation of Health Promotion Programs

A systematic program must be operated for the health and health promotion of workers. The company should prevent human loss through pre- and post-care.